What I Own

I have ...
     a Loving Soul
     a Joyous Heart
     an Open Mind
     an Expansive Inclination
     an Inclusive Personality
     an Integrative Understanding

Self Affiliating

I Am ...
     an apostle of the Truth
     a devotee of Wisdom
     a defender of Freedom
     a lover of Life
     a servant of the Light
          a full fledged, honorary
          member of all that is Sacred
          and Holy

Talk About Your Vanity

!...AM ...!
     Is short for everything
     And long for nothing
     Just another vanity looking glass for the Godhead


I Am ...
     You decide what-- You will anyway...!
     A funcitonal hedonist...!
     A psychological swashbucker...!
     A free thinking, open minded, spiritually
          enlightened, heart centered, creatively
          dynamic individual...!
     A full throttle, balls out, open hearted, mind
     blowing, dimension leaping artist whose
     mediums are philosophy, psychology and
     Whatever the moment callas me into an
     awareness of being...!
     Becoming THAT...!
                                                               ...Am I

     Am Rosen, philosopher extraordinary is one of the most original thinkers of this or any other century; and an adept in the Healing Arts.  His thirty plus year practice as a Health Consultant led him to perceive first hand the multi-dimensions of disease, discomfort, fear and confusion which currently plague our world.  Culling from the best of his ancient-futuristic pilgrimage, he has created a workable approach to harmonizing the mind-body connection.  He has synthesized his many years of experience into a uniquely humanistic approach to ‘Life-- Love-- Health-- and the true pursuit of happiness.’  For more than three decades as a professional Health Consultant, he has helped many people to achieve greater mind-body integration; facilitating inner clarity, vital health and personal satisfaction.  One of his many mottos is that “pleasure guides your way to health.”  Forever vital, he is a ‘poster man’ for his extraordinary perspective.  Joyous, peaceful, healthy and spiritually centered, he actively demonstrates that it is possible to create a balanced lifestyle where one can participate in and enjoy most of Life’s supposedly forbidden pleasures--- the operative word being ‘balanced.’  The key word to his practice and philosophy is 'understanding.'
    Am Rosen has developed a psycho-spiritual "Process" which functions to psychologically integrate the mind, body and spirit into a co-operative, mutually beneficial unit which allows each individual the 'choiceto grow into his or her full potential.  No sackcloth and ashes or ‘Mia Culpas’ for this ‘Soul-slinger,’ whose only weapon is the experiential understanding of the ‘Heart’; the true repository of enlightenment and growth.
    A published author, he has lectured extensively, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.


What Are Your Credentials?:
      Outside of experience, insight, understanding, knowledge, caring,
      commitment to truth, Self-actualized psychological integration, 
      and a compassionate love for humanity...  
                                       — I don't have any credentials...!   
                                                                                 — Am Rosen


Ethical Appropriateness:
   I don’t want you to believe...!  
  Right now most people believe in just about anything you want
   to sell them.  
  My job is to empower you!
In consideration of whatever we’re dealing with, I must show you:
                      –what it is
–how it is constructed
–the parameters of its interactive range of motion
–and how you can independently access it for yourself
If I don’t make that kind of clear, logical, demonstrable sense— 
                then something is off...!
                                                                                          ---Am Rosen  


Ethical Etiquette  
   I don't come in if I'm not invited!
   I won't stay if I'm not wanted!
   I will always respect your space...!
              ---EXCEPTIONS ---
   I will interfere and impose my will...
              if you are being psychically attacked;
              if you have lost control and are hurting others, and/or yourself...!
                                                     ---Am Rosen


In consideration:
I will not take away what you've come to depend upon, unless I have 
   something more satisfying to replace it with!
   I will not expose you to what is causing you emotional pain, unless
   I have the insight, skill and technique to help you quickly and
   efficiently resolve it.

If we (i.e., you and I) bring up hurts, it is not to rub your face
   in the pain. 
   We will leave no open wounds.  We're bringing up these discomforts
   to understand and heal them, so they will no longer hold subconscious
   tyranny over your awareness.   
                                    ---Am Rosen  


"My job is to empower you!
My intention is to facilitate your 'Understanding'!"