Hey (?)...
                I just had a freaky thought...!
                                    Consider, if you would







                                                fronting as a


                                                                          watching my active reflection of Us passing...

       Mirrors are reflecting surfaces. Mirrors reflect some aspect of what you/we are presently aware of into conscious recognition. This field of recognition reflects back to our awareness some situational portrayal of the part of life that we experience our self to be.
       A reflecting surface may provide a clear, undistorted pure reflection of appearance. Or the medium of reflection may in some way be impaired; by deficiency in its construction, by deterioration of its function and/or by calculated distortion. It may be a pristine reflection; or it may be cracked, smoky, warped; prismatically it may fracture images into a distortion of alien caricatures. 
       Externally, the world around you, the environmental circumstance you find yourself to be in at any given moment of your attention, is the most unavoidably significant mirror of your life. As filtered through your five senses, it reflects into awareness the environment of your present circumstance. But even if those physical senses are optimally functioning, the reflections of your apparent circumstance may be distorted by subconscious emotional patterns and/or stifled by the excluding insistence of overly controlling thought structures. 
       Then there is the inner world of our personal subjective sense of self. Unavoidably we find ourselves having to constantly adjust in order to deal with the varied demands of our situational circumstance.  To do so, we find inner mirrors to reflect aspects and perspectives back to our sense of self. Then, in our attempt to create a sense of order and directional purpose, we socially adapt around the culturally inherited artifices of custom and disseminated belief systems. We develop the tools and disciplines of reason: inductive and deductive analysis; logical inference... and fudge in the as yet to be resolved inconsistencies with the emotionally fixated insistence of our personally rationalized slant on things.
       Then in order to best utilize these perspectives, we attempt to map out the interactive territory of our apparent circumstances. This mapping becomes our guide to approximating and proportioning the outer terrain through which our inner sense of self must process. In gut-jerk dominated inventiveness we create, and are in turn assimilated into systems of thought, methods of procedure and techniques of application, such as: parenting, citizenry, economics, politics, military, religion, science, art, philosophy, psychology... and so on. These become our points of view, by which we attempt to gauge an approximate means to more satisfyingly deal with the people, places and things which populate the experience of our life. As through these culturally inherited patterns of social conduct, our inner reflections are cultivated into ranges of response and modes of behavior.
       The almost infinite intricacy of the mirrors and maps we’ve created since the dawn of our awakening self awareness are the reflections and recognitions which comprise the ongoing dynamic of the richly diverse panoply of the live until you die mixing and matching of the human experience.
       Then there are some who seek to escape from the stresses and strains of incessantly juggling the requirements of societal survival. They want shelter from the storm; deliverance from the self tormenting persecution of inner doubt. They want to find safety; a refuge of comfort and protection; a state of mind illuminated with clarity and inner peace. While there are others, who have triumphed over the particulars of their apparent circumstance and attained a position of greater mobility and social access. Their perspectives and intellectual tools of focused discipline enable them to envision beyond the currently dominating norms by which we try to define human existence. They want to break through to ever more expansive ranges of human perception; to experimentally explore and discover new qualities of awareness that can be inclusively integrated into attributes that further facilitate the human experience.
       Since the dawn of our species, there have always been those who have sought to go beyond the juggling balancing act of the continuously reshuffling sense of self; to go beyond the seemingly inescapable suffering of the world. From the most primitive banding together for shared survival; through hunter-gather gut-jerk dominance of tribal organization; throughout the rise and fall of every kind of social system that has defined the character of our species march towards a greater civilizing capacity of human potential, there has always been some culturally crafted means designed to transport the individual beyond the apparent limits of situational circumstance.
       As if by the magical clemency of some sort of Divine Grace it comes upon you. Like a nudging of the heart; the sweet subtle vagary of that undefinably most special ‘it’; that purr caress of pure satisfaction that’s almost here; that haunting promise of fulfillment longing to finally present itself to you has made a personal visitation upon your awareness. It is the almost audibility of that 'still small voice’ about to rock in with a rolling epiphany by which your awareness is about to become operatively expanded into a more inclusively integrated range of motion. However such a transcendent experience may come to you; whatever the disciplines or techniques that might have facilitated such access; you become captivated into believing that your path to peace and freedom is to be found in a particular way.

           From:    --procreate      >>> to recreate          >>> to create
                     --feeling           >>> to conceiving      >>> to actualizing
                     --impersonal     >>> to personal         >>> to transpersonal
                     --subconscious >>> to self conscious >>> to supra conscious
                     --pretend          >>> to intend             >>> to transcend

       In this section of this website we will consider the various approaches and corresponding techniques that have been mapped out as a mean of mirroring the furthering of transcendent human potential. All such practices have one goal— to achieve conscious awareness of the connection of Self (soul) to SELF (Transcendently More Expansively-Inclusively-Integrated Intelligence). All spiritual (i.e., awareness) disciplines attempt to bring you to more fully self actualize into greater Self Awareness. Whether contemplative, devotional, meditative, magical, in service, in isolation, ancient or modern, eastern or western, formally established orthodoxy, or a lucky improvised bastardization— you're looking for the most efficient means to achieve Self Mastery. That quality of mind is now accessible to you. However, you must utilize techniques to build the psychic muscle which will enable you to direct these new qualities of energy.
       Taoism; Shamanism; Yoga, Buddhism; Devotion to A Religiously Defined Way Of ‘Right Living’; I-Ching; Kabbalah; Tarot; Mind Expanding Substances; Sensory Deprivation; BioFeedback; Advanced Psychological Practices; Theoretical Mathematical Physics... just to name a few of the numerous approaches that have been developed as functional means and medium to expanded awareness. All methods and techniques derived from these various disciplines come down to two interactive processes--- focus and concentration. You are learning to bring into greater conscious awareness the interactive focus of various rates of perception and concentrate the application of their accessed spatial relations and energy flows to a particular intention.
       Many approaches offer valuable insights and tools of consciousness. The inertial problem that is usually tagged onto what they potentially facilitate is an encompassing, purpose defeating bureaucracy. This tollbooth chicanery ordains that you have to follow the cultural particulars of conduct usually built up around some viably established new insight. This stems from people tending to confuse the state of mind that they’d accessed, with the person, place and/or thing that seemed to be going on around them when they opened up to this more expansive rate of processing.
       Recently Humanity has begun flowing with the onrushing tide of globalization, facilitated by the near instant computer access of information from every culture, in every period of anthropologically considered development. It is time to examine at how these various systems are constructed, and what their various techniques offer. It is necessarily appropriate to place the arcane, the esoteric, the metaphysical, the mystical into a modern psychological context. This section is intended to facilitate such access, so that you may pick and choose the workable feasibility from any of these approaches which you adaptively find an affinity with, mix and match them to suit your present individual needs; without having to bow down to the cultural tollbooth that was originally built up around them.