The Premise:

There are basically two approaches to health:
                               (1) eliminating debilitating pain and physical imbalance.
                               (2) safely and effectively expanding the quality of physical based vitality.  
         Health is not the absence of pain and debility.  Health is the readjusting optimal functioning of all biophysical systems individually integrated with the particulars of your temperament, intelligence and cultural environment.  
         Health is not where we’re going; rather, it is the invaluable means to fulfill human potential.  To achieve this, health utilizes the best of available science and technology.  However, considering the ever shifting interplay of senses, feelings, thoughts and environment, health is the applied art of adjusting each individual to their optimal potential. 

The Purpose:

First off, we (i.e., you & I) need to determine just how effectively your metabolic systems are functioning: how well you’re digesting and  assimilating nutrients; how well you’re eliminating toxins; what you have excesses or deficiencies of in your body; and what kind of strains and imbalances this has placed on the various processes of your mutually interacting organs, glands, and various metabolic systems.
Then we need to determine a course of action which will enable you to cleanse, build, regenerate and re-balance your metabolic integrity.  This program must take into consideration your current physical, emotional and mental condition; as well as your expenditure of energy as related to family, business and/or social circumstances. 
During this health building process, some aspects of your physiology may release and realign easily, while other aspects may require more active and determined facilitating.  Physical and/or emotional problems that you may have experienced earlier in your life may suddenly resurface as your body attempts to push through and expand its range of motion.  Part of my job is to keep these cleansing-regenerative processes from becoming exaggerated into a 'healing crisis.' 
To help facilitate these changes we will employ appropriate nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic supports, diet, and body manipulation.
Part of my job is to educate you: It is your body and your mind.  The only way you will achieve the kind of vitality you’ve been seeking is to understand how you metabolically function so that you may direct the kind of results you desire.
Once the basics of health have been established and homeostasis is regained, then it becomes a consideration of how good you can feel...!  How safely and effectively can you increase your vitality, stamina, and mental energy.  To go beyond the normal requirements of physiological maintenance requires you to learn how to consciously interact and guide the various aspects of your  metabolism.

Session One:

This initial two hour session involves an analysis and evaluation of your present state of health, which will be throughly explained to you.
Then a programmed course of action will be suggested to you to help you rebuild your health.

Sessions Plus:

On the average a one hour update will be required every four to six weeks over the next three to four months.  These sessions will be to evaluate progress and make appropriate changes.
Depending upon the state of health of each individual, additional sessions may be required.
After basic health is re-stabilized, future checkups, updates, and expansions will be taken by each person according to their need.
Also: Various forms of myo-somatic, visceral, lymphatic and/or cranial-sacral balancing may be taken according to each person’s need and inclination.
Advanced, individually customized programs to safely and effectively facilitate ‘optimal         functioning;’ accelerating the body into a more inclusively expansive performance capability; including ‘anti-aging’ and ‘longevity’ strategies.’

 You and The Beast

The first thing you were given when you came into this world was your body.
The last thing you will leave behind when you exit this world is your body.
If you are married first to anything — in sickness and health; for richer or poorer; for better or worse — and I do wish you all of the superlatives...
                                                                     —it is your body

.  .  .    .  .  .

Temple Or Prison

        Your body is either your energy strata vehicle facilitating the mobile access of your awareness through the variously available mediums of materiality.
        Or your becomes a deadening weight shackling your expectations in a prison of diminishing returns and strangulating pain.

. . .   . . .

The Beast Needs A Good Master

        When you domesticate the beast bring it in from the wild and tame it you need to direct its course of actions. You need to tell it when to sleep, where to defecate and what to eat because it is no longer solely guided by the cuing factors found in a natural environment.
       When you can manufacture concentrated extracts and complex combinations of chemical agents you must direct the body in their utilization.
       The beast— your physical body —can and will adapt but in and of itself it doesn’t know what to do with exceptional substances.

.  .  .    .  .  .

The Youth Factor

        From the time you're in your mother's womb, up until your early twenties, you are in a constant anabolic state of excessive cell proliferation.
        Your body not only has to manufacture enough cells to take care of normal wear and tear, it also has to manufacture an excess of cells to allow you to grow from a microscopic embryo into a full grown adult.
        This excessive proliferation is the 'youth factor.'  It is a masking device which takes up the slack on the improprieties of your developmental learning curve.

. . .   . . .

Health Is Seductive

Health is seductive:
        If I can introduce you into a better state of physical vitality and mental energy, then you will want to make whatever adjustments that allow those newly acquired accesses and attributes to become your own.
        In fact: Once you've tasted a more expansively inclusive, integrated state of being--- even for the briefest moment ---you'll be haunted by this new, more satisfying access to your nervous system, until you learn to incorporate this new 'best state of mind' into the overall workings of your everyday bottom line of personal functioning.

. . .   . . .


In Health

     In Health you don't adjust people to some idealized norm, or to some mass statistical average.
     In Health you don't compare yourself to others.  
     Rather you adjust yourself to the comfort level of your own dynamic.

. . .   . . .

Your Body Never Breaks Down For No Reason

Barring accidental injury or intentional assault, there are basically two way you imbalance the body towards breakdown:
       (1)  Either you put the wrong substance in your body, and toxically sludge up  the
             metabolism, thereby causing breakdown.
       (2)  And/or you don't input enough appropriate nutrients into your body to compensate your
             metabolism for the output expenditure of your activities.

. . .   . . .

Approaching Health

Basically there are two approaches to health:
        The first approach--- which where most of medicine has remain fixated ---deals with getting away from the problem.  Certainly, if you are suffering because of a physical and/or psychological imbalance, then you want to find those means which will bring relief from pain and disability.
        The second approach--- which is the more interesting future trajectory of the healing art's science ---is to find out just how good you can come to feel.  How safely and effectively you can upgrade, integrate and enhance the mental clarity, regenerative integrity, physical stamina along with all other performance capabilities of an individual.

. . .   . . .

Maintaining The Body Vehicle

        By analogy: It's like have a car with a fine, high performance engine, but you've used a poor grade of gas and oil in it.
        One the engine starts to become sludgy, it loses efficiency, incurring impaired performance; which could result in eventual breakdown.
        You can't correct the situation by starting to use the appropriate quality of fuel.
        First you'll have to re-bopre, realign and reset the timing before it will be able to regain efficient functioning.
        If your body starts to malfunction, you can't just say that you'll stop putting the wrong things in it, and start adding the more necessary nutrients.  In order to regain optimal metabolic functioning, you're going to have to systematically detoxify, regenerate, re-balance and reintegrate the integrity of your metabolic systems.

. . .   . . .

Input / Output

        If the amount of energy going in matches the amount of energy you're actively expending--- physically, emotionally, mentally and/or psychically ---then you maintain a balance.  But if you're using up more energy than you're nutritionally compensating for...  Well, something has to pay for the expenditure!  To supply the operative demands of your activities, you will cannibalize one part of your body and/or psyche to facilitate another aspect of your metabolic output.

. . .   . . .

No Panaceas

        Everybody is looking for the magic pill, or that exceptional something that will make everything...  
                     ---the vitality indefatigable; the feelings calm, clear and openly responsive; the
                         emotions enthusiastically euphoric; the intellect ablate to sharply process the
                         integration and cross correlation of information with computer like rapidity; the
                         sexual responses purring in an ever escalating orgasm; along with access to
                         more expanded rates of perception mad tangible---
                                                                                                   ...function to give you perfect health.
        There ain't no such thing!  Your body is a very logical construct of interactive biological mechanics.

        Your body never breaks down for no reason.  To achieve optimal functioning it is necessary: To figure out what you've been feeding and/or doing to it that you shouldn't have been?  What you're not providing for it that you should be?  How this has created excesses and deficiencies in the various metabolic systems?  Where and to what degree this has created imbalances and/or blockages?  How the functional interrelated emphasis on the various glands and organ secretions have been effected?  And what is necessary to rectify the situation and coax your body to regain its dynamic harmonic balance?
        Then you're in a position to explore, experiment and discover just how good you can feel.

. . .   . . .

The Art Of Health

        In a test tube, under precise laboratory conditions, where you can control all the variables, you can achiever measurably consistent results.
        However... In the human crucible, where a constantly continuous shifting of sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and breakthrough moments of exceptional awareness shuffle each other within an an environment of ever changing circumstances...
        Of course, we want to make use of most advanced insights and technology--- when and if appropriate ---that science has to offer.
        However, the Art of Health is one of individual application!  You are being helped to adjust to the comfort level of your own personal dynamic.

. . .   . . .

Not An Emergency

        When it comes to the trauma resulting from accidental injury and/or assault, modern medical technocrats have developed the best in emergency care service. 
        But life is not an emergency!  And you don't want to live as though your life is an emergency.
        Barring accidental injury and/or assault, by the time you are experiencing pain, diminishing mobility and obvious symptoms of a diagnosable ailment, the problem has already been going on for quite some time.  Of course, bringing relief from pain and stemming the tide of the breakdown is essential.  However, the suppression of symptoms and forced removal of deteriorating conditions will not correct the imbalances that caused the problem in the first place.  Rather than whittle the body down into a diminishment of performance capabilities, it is far more important to correct the imbalances so the body can reestablish the equilibrium of its own homeostasis.

. . .   . . .


        Healing is not a linear equation.  It is easy to precipitate a change in the body by augmenting your inane and/or lifestyle.  You can temporarily force your body to operate at a more expanded rate, but you will probably incur serious blowback.
        When the body gets something it needs to facilitate a metabolic function, its processes start to expand.  To operate more expansively, your body has to first clear out the blockage that had resulted from not having enough nutrient energy to function optimally in the first place.  Then it has to eliminate the toxins and poor performance tissues.  Then it has to rebuild to where it can facilitate the desired output.  When you feel best, that's when the body has enough energy to repair and improve.  
        While your body is dumping substances which need to be eliminated, you feel sludgy and tired.  One it has eliminated a layer of waste, it builds to where it can again eliminate the next layer.
        When properly facilitated, these dumps get fewer and further in between; till your body can operate through its various cycles without derailing you in order to do so.

. . .   . . .

Human Energizing

There are three distinct sources of energy that inter-combine to provide power for human activity:  
                (1)  Vitality: Your vitality is generated by the functional integrity of your operative
                (2)  Energy: Your energy is produced b your mental positioning depending upon
                                     how appropriately and effectively you are able to position your mind by
                                     willing focus and concentration.
                (3)  Creative Awareness: This includes your ability to open to more abundant energy
                                     frequencies by moving into more expansive spatial relations and the
                                     motions of energy they facilitate.
        If your activity lacks sufficient energy, then your body becomes more drained and imbalanced, while your mind winds up tighter and tighter trying to willfully force matters.  This rips of the willpower you could have applied towards creative expansion and/or healing relaxation.
        When your physical vitality can more than handle the demands of your activities, this vital excess can feed you mental process, allowing you to more succinctly focus your thoughts.  This can enable you to take care of your business, while still having an excess of mental energy which you can use to peak beyond the normal confines of your day to day survival routines..
        In turn, this will allow you to enter into more creative relations with whole new ranges of energy and the potentials of their applied motion.
        If effectively utilized, your creative expansion will in turn feedback, expanding the scope of your mental energy and physical vitality.

. . .   . . .