A Psychological Upgrade For Humanity


Blog # One:      A Psychological Upgrade
                               For Humanity


I refer to the current evolutionary transition of global humanity as the dilemma of Space Age technology versus Stone Age emotions.
Through the reasoned based disciplines of logic, math and science we’ve harnessed the artistry of our creative tendencies into a plentitude of technological facilitators.  All the material comforts and securities that our most primitive ancestors primevally longed for is now accessibly obtainable.  Increasingly we have gained more access to power.    But power--- energy given conscious direction ---has no intention of its own.  Power is neither good nor bad; neither right nor wrong.  The creative benefit and/or destructive affliction that the utilization of power brings about is strictly dependent on the quality of intelligence that uses it.
Don’t confuse intelligence with intellectual capacity.  There are a lot of over educated dummies walking around.  Too many of our best trained minds know a lot about quite a number of things, but in terms of functional application their comprehension is too often mediocre.  Rather their strategic formulation of accepted conventional thinking quite often gives them the upper hand in being able to position situations to their social and economic advantage.  It is one thing for an individual to envision, to creatively conceive, to functionally design and productively bring some new possibility --- be it a marketable commodity or a more workable thought construct as a better organizing principal ---into practical application.  Such applied inventiveness may manifest singularly, or in any combination of art, science, politics, commerce, education, construction, entertainment, etc.  It is a very different thing for a person, regardless of the social harm that their conniving might cause others, to cunningly deploy whatever duplicitous means are at their disposal to commandeer the allure of human value for their own self aggrandizement.  Whether they are game saying from the established play books of religion, politics, economics, medicine, etc...  Anyone can quote scriptures; the somewhat literate but functionally ignorant most often do.
No system, method and/or technique works any better than the quality of the intelligence that uses it.  Regardless of the level of social access and educated faculty, intelligence is the ability to perceive the given variables in a considered situation and comprehend the most appropriate, adequate and effective means to achieve the most constructively beneficial outcome.
  For too long now, we’ve been moving ass backwards into the future through a cesspool of expedient compromises!  Along the way, In our maddening developmental dash through circumstantial happenstance, we’ve swept a lot of psychological dirt under the rug of conveniently rationalized postponement.  It’s now becoming unavoidably apparent that we have, so to speak, run out of room under that floor covering of alibied excuses.  Now the unresolved, backed up debris of irrational subconscious fixations is coming out to choke us.  Despite the astounding brilliance of our achievements, along with the spiritual fervency of our most visionary aspirations, this left over emotional stranglehold of Stone Age emotions is still obscuring our modernized fulfillment in our globalizing world of Space Age technology.
Boosted by the ever increasing advantaging of modern technology, the apocalyptically fortified, aggressively entrenched politicized business bureaucracies are ever more intensely locked into a socially defining struggle for dictatorial power dominance.  To compensate for their psychological myopia, corporate dominated media continuously spews forth an ersatz, sanitizing stream of commercially placating coverups.  Meanwhile, energetically catalyzed by the compromising avoidances of our short sighted expediency, the beginning deluge of possible ecologically catastrophic climate shifts have begun their glacier like reshaping of our planet’s sustainability.
Obviously, despite its charm, sex appeal and bon vivant showmanship, the body politic of humanity is precariously sliding towards infirmity.  The threat of water, food and fuel shortages; the potential outbreak of plagues of incurable killer diseases and pestilence; the strategically senseless attacks of terrorist destruction; the near criminally incompetent mismanagement of natural resources; these are only some of the modern problems which are drawing the noose of strangling circumstances tighter around the neck of our species collective survival.  Ah, but war, pestilence, famine and mass die off just seem to be part of the inevitably repeating cycle of weeding out human screw-ups.  How we like to confuse what we often refer to as God’s Will, with the vanity of our own self justifying avoidances.
We are caught in a state of dynamic disequilibrium.  The forward thrust of human endeavor has become incarcerated in the tension bound distorting of an incessantly prolonged, escalating emergency.  Tension results from a blocked flow of energy; too much emphasis here, not enough facility there.  Intention is a focused direction of will.  It is one thing to proclaim good intentions; it is quite another thing to have the functional understanding to bring them into practical application.  As too often, against our reason, desire and better judgement we feel irrationally compelled into muddling down our species creative genius towards the insipid inadequacy of problem solving impotency.
To paraphrase: ‘You can’t serve two masters.’  You can’t serve both fear and understanding.  Despite our scientifically backed, philosophically reasoned assertions, it is time for our species to enquire of itself:  Who is your/our master?  Who have you/we been serving?  Is it the ignorance generated irrationality of your fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, guilt and shame?  Or is it  the clarifying benefits of experiential understanding? 
One of the considerations of my psychological ethical etiquette is:  I will not take away what you’ve come to depend upon, unless I have something more functionally satisfying to replace it with.  I will not expose you to the anxiety vexing frustration of your emotional pain, unless I have the insight, skill and technique to help you efficiently resolve it.  If we (i.e., you and I) bring up deep seated pain, it is not to rub your face in it.  We will leave no open wounds.  We’re bringing up these discomforts to and understand and heal them, so they will no longer hold subconscious tyranny over your awareness.
So, I’d like to intrigue you with the idea, the notion, the possibility that these deep seated, subconsciously entrenched primitively formed feeling responses, which cut across every strata of society, working against our individual and collective self interest can actually be done away with.  I’m suggesting that regardless of where you are in the social scheme of things--- whether that may be at the top, middle or bottom of the established societal food chain ---that the fulfillment of your own unique individual potential can become more  inclusively integrated within the wholeness of your personal operating psychological matrix.
Be it physical, mental or societal, there are basically two approaches to health.  The first is getting away from a problem.  Up to this point in our development that is where most of our efforts are being consumed.  The second approach involves finding out just how good you can feel.  Think of how much energy is individually and collectively wasted trying to adjust around the endless recycling of the emotional aberrations that keep derailing our satisfaction. Think about what it would mean if that energy that was returned to you.  If, regardless of circumstances, you actually felt comfortably secure and at ease within yourself.  It’s still the same environment of people, places and things; but your way of perceiving and interacting with them would become quite different.  Take it a speculation further: Think of how it might feel if you were not only not wasting your energy, but you were able to utilize comprehensively reasonable techniques to advance your experiential understanding and bring in even more energy to nourish your body and mind.  Still the same world, yet your way of interacting with it would become markedly different. 
Our representative social and political systems won’t work any better than the quality of its participants.  Think about what it would mean if each person, relative to the culturally influenced shaping of the disposition and inclinations of their own unique slant on things, could access at will, to whatever degree they choose, only for as long as they choose, any and all of the interactive range of their senses, feeling and thoughts.  Or they could also move beyond them into a heightened, mentally alert quietude, a centered awareness of everything going on in the space around them.  Without the inwardly debilitating self persecution of injuriously immobilizing feelings of fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, guilt and shame... Without the external threat of susceptibility to being trapped, cheated and bullied...  Think of how delightfully freer people would feel to interactively relate and socially participate to their own content; and how that would enhance the quality of a people centered participatory society. 
Perhaps you’ve been trying to gauge how the ramifications of a particularly prevailing national, political, religious, economic or cultural system is supposed to operate within the idealized confines of its own designated territory.  And/or you may be venturing on to speculate upon requirements of the inevitable globalizing interaction that has now begun crudely grinding into competitive dis-ease throughout the societies on our planet.  Either consideration requires the balancing amalgamation of the interaction of both of these perspectives.  Human social interaction is neither right nor wrong; it is neither good nor bad.  Rather the primitive emotional draglines of its passed on inherited legacy has kept it functionally out of balance.
We already have developed the access to all the necessary tools needed to finally rectify the dynamics of our ages old predicaments.  This in turn would enable us to more succinctly utilize the whole new ranges of power that are on the drawing board, which scientific breakthroughs are providing to advance our growth.  To paraphrase: ‘You can’t pour new wine into an old skin.’  That is, you can’t relegate a more dynamically expansive interaction to the half assed fickle whimsy of subconsciously irrational based modes of behavior.  We need to begin operating from a psychologically integrated level of human interaction where Space Age patterns of emotion are a suitable social match for the plentitude provided by Space Age technology.
We’re talking about--- quality of life!  The quality of whatever you experience is always and unequivocally determined by your state of mind!  In whatever way I can, it is my intention to try and contribute to making accessible to all of humanity a more expansive, inclusive and functionally integrated state of mind.  It is my purpose to help provide---
                              A psychological upgrade for humanity.